Awareness of Students and Teachers on Health and Hygiene and DRR in Flood Affected District of Naseerabad



Youth in Action Balochistan team identified 20 schools in district Naseerabad with the involvement of district government particularly education department of the district. In the identified 20 schools (10 for boys and 10 for girls) the YIAB facilitators conducted sessions on flood mitigation and preparedness & health and hygiene with the involvement of school administration and also used the provided training manual and IEC materials.

Prior Arrangements for the awareness sessions:

YIAB Team also arranged the following:

Meeting with Deputy Commissioner:

YIAB Team conducted meeting on 28th September, 2011 with Deputy Commissioner Naseerabad Mr. Syed Faisal Agha and shared the concept note and plan regarding conduction of awareness raising sessions on flood mitigation and preparedness at 20 schools of district Naseerabad. In this connection DC appreciated the efforts of NDMA/UNDP for organizing of these sessions in schools for further risk mitigation and assured his cooperation and support. In this regard he also written letter to EDO-Education for provision of 20 schools names.

Meeting with EDO-Education:

YIAB team conducted meeting on 29th September, 2011 with EDO-Education Mr. Deedar Hussain and briefed regarding awareness raising campaign on flood mitigation and preparedness and health & hygiene in 20 schools. Furthermore, requested him for provision of nominations of schools and forwarding letters in the name of respective schools principals for providing support in conduction of awareness raising sessions in schools. After meeting Mr. Deedar Hussain provided the list of schools and NOC letter in the name of all concerned principals for support in sessions.

Meeting with Principals of focused School:

Before conduction of sessions YIAB Team conducted planning meetings with all schools principals for arrangements, selection of class rooms and number of students and teachers participation in sessions. In this regard all schools principals coordinated and extended support and helped YIAB Team in organizing of sessions.

Awareness Sessions on Flood Mitigation and Preparedness and Health & Hygiene:

20 Presentations sessions conducted in focused 20 schools of district Naseerabad. The students were briefed regarding flood mitigation and importance of preparedness. During the sessions conducted in focused schools of Naseerabad found the students/participants very motivated, good learners and with an ability to convey the message forward in their respective schools and union councils.

Generally, it was observed that the sessions that were conducted in Sindhi language were clear to the participants compared to those conducted in Urdu. The interactive session methodology helped the YIAB team in keeping the students and teachers fully involved in the session. The training module was helpful to the YIAB team and the desired result was mostly achieved. YIAB team had perfect command on the topic and used the better and appreciating technique throughout the sessions that made the equality of training the best one.

Students and teachers appreciated the facilitation and found the YIAB team quite sound during the sessions, as they seemed to be satisfied when they put endless queries to the YIAB team. After the Questions and answers session to evaluate the resourcefulness of the awareness session, all the students and teachers filled Evaluation forms. All the participants found the training to be very informative and interesting. They showed eagerness to implement the knowledge gained by the sessions in their daily lives.

Pasting of Mounting Posters in all focused schools:

YIAB team distributed and pasted the mounting posters in all focused 20 schools (10 girls and 10 boy's schools). In the sessions already printed posters also used which through illustrations given very simple, lucid and vivid messages. These messages sensitized students on some very basic, useful and extremely important tips to be adopted in case of floods.

There are six messages on the poster saying: