Different Ways Water is Transported

When you think of the different ways water gets transported, you might think of the obvious ones like pipelines, canals, infrastructure, delivery trucks, collapsible water jugs, and water bottles. But some of the unconventional transportation methods are pretty awesome, too. Check below for some of the methods you may not have thought of.

Waterskin Bags
Before the canteen was invented, people used waterskin bags to transport water. It's one of the oldest methods around, but it's still used across developing countries.

Water Bombers
Water Bombers or Air Tankers are aircraft used to combat wildfires. The most common types of aircraft used are helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Helicopters may be fitted with tanks (Helitankers) or carry buckets beneath them. Air Tankers or Water Bombers are fitted with tanks that can be filled either at ground level, or by skimming water from lakes, reservoirs, or large rivers.

Helicopter (Bambi) Bucket
The most popular bucket used by Helitankers are the Bambi Bucket. They are suspended from a cable and have a release valve on the bottom, which is controlled by the helicopter crew. Each bucket can range in size depending on the lifting capacity of the helicopter.

Pots and Containers
In places that don't have pipelines, people - usually the women and children - have to collect the water they need for families from a river, lake, well, or water pump. They use large pots and containers to collect the water. They can carry the pots on their head, hips, back, or even use a head strap.

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