Drought Free Maharashtra

Drought Free Maharashtra

The devastating condition of Maharashtra has been affecting every individual directly or indirectly. We do not realize the severity yet and hence give insensitive responses to the fact that water resources have been depleting on a rapid rate. 

There have been news on farmer suicide consistently since the past couple of years. 

Have we ever thought as to why is this happening? 

How can we stop this? 

How is it affecting us?

Yes! It affects everyone, one suicide of a farmer does not only affect the families of the farmers but every individual in the country. It is highly alarming the way the water resources are depleting and drying up. There have been major water crisis and water wars anticipated in the future. 

One day we would have to buy water which once upon a time was considered the inexhaustible and cheap resource. 

The water shortages have to be terminated. The only way we can stop this by using the remaining water resources preciously. We need to reduce the unecessary usage of water, reuse wherever possible and recycle it. 

Bharatiya Jain Sanghatna have been working towards building the sustainable watershed management systems in the affected regions of Maharashtra by providing training to the villagers and necessary equipment for the process.