Exclusive Interview: Vandana Shiva on the State of Global Food Freedom

Re-Woman, environmental activist, physicist, philosopher, author, ecofeminist, Navdanya , environmental hero… Dr. Vandana Shiva. Born in India, her voice and her activism are without limits. For her work she received numerous prizes. Intellectual property rights, biodiversity, genetic engineering …are among the fields where Dr. Vandana Shiva has contributed intellectually and through activist campaigns all around the world. Image credit: greentravelerguides.com

Albert Einstein said "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Do you agree with that and so far do you think that the world is less dangerous place with the people like you ?

Yes, it is the silence of the good, not just the action of people who are even that creates threats to our survival and freedom.

Do you think that the new generations are not introduced enough with Chipko movement and who was Amrita Devi?

The powerful stories of Chipko and Amrita Devi do not reach the young people as they should.

Henry Kissinger said once "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people." Whether he succeeded? Is Monsanto our food control ?

Monsanto would like to control our food system by controlling our seeds, and through the Seeds , our food and our lives.

Can we say that U.S Government is our global parasite or is that Monsanto, if we just remember Dr. Arpad Pusztai and how with one call he lost his job ?

The US GOV is captive to corporations like Monsanto. The sacrifice of an eminent scientist like Arpad Putzai shows how the Monsanto agenda of control must extinguish biodiversity, people's sovereignty and independent science.

McDonalds ,Coca-Cola ,Monsanto …with them the people can not feel hunger ,but they forgot on nutritional value and the right food quality, that McDonalds ,Coca -Cola and Monsanto cant offer them. Gets the impression that if they do not take the offered they remain hungry?

The food corporations have created hunger and malnutrition. Nearly a billion people are hungry. Another 2 billion are obese and diabetic because of junk food which is not food.

Are we in danger to have one more place like Anniston /Alabama where Monsanto can slowly poison the people without their knowledge ?

The whole world is become a toxic dump, both through pesticides, and pesticide producing GMOs. Every place is a Bhopal,an Anniston .

Connection between wars and gmos , and climate changes and gmos?

Pesticides came from war and from the concentration camps. They continue a war against the planet and people.

At the moment are we having earth democracy crisis and is globalization good for democracy ?

Corporate gobalisation and democracy cannot co exist.

What is the state now in India when it is about Monsanto ,water privatization and exploiting child labor?

Monsanto controls the cotton seed supply in India through GMOs. Because of Seed monopoly and royalty collections,as well as expenses on chemicals, farmers are trapped in debt and more than 284000 farmers have committed suicide in India since 1995.

When you look now deep into nature what do you see and what would you like that my readers can see?

Beauty, harmony, abundance, diversity,interconnected ness.


Maria Bolevich ( 25 years old) is a specialist of environmental protection and a journalist. She likes books, languages, journalism, green lifestyle. She lives in Croatia. Her favorite quote is " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"

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