Futuristic Wastewater Facilities

Jackson Pike and Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant

Suggested by Barry Walkenshaw, Ohio Water Environment Association

The Division of Sewerage and Drainage in Columbus, Ohio, manages two wastewater treatment facilities: Jackson Pike and Southerly. Wastewater from Columbus and 22 suburban communities flows to one of these two plants. The Southerly plant has two parts: the Raw Sewage Pump Building, which features an innovative self-cleaning well designed to reduce the amount of solids, odors, maintenance, and personal entry; and the Screen and Grit Facility, which is used to keep trash, solids, and other debris from entering into rivers. The photo above shows the sludge digesters at Jackson Pike.

Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

The New York Department of Environmental Proctection (DEP), teamed up with Ennead Architects to renovate the Newton Creek wastewater treatment plant. The renovations served to be environmentally friendly and to also capture New York's vibrancy and The colour. The photo above shows water-bottled shaped digesters all connected with a glass walkway.

To view theMarseille Geolide Wastewater Treatment Facility, click here.

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