Hidden Water in Everyday Products

Did you know we use an epic 3,496 liters of water per day? 92% of the water we use is not seen as it is used to produce the food we eat. Check out our guide below to find out how much water is used in everyday products.

Information fromNational Geographic

1 pound of beef requires 6,810 liters of water.

1 pound of goat's meat requires 480 liters of water.
Goat Meat

1 pound of sheep's meat requires 2,769 liters of water.
Lamb Meat

1 pound of pork meat requires 2,182 liters of water.

1 pound of chicken meat requires 1,773 liters of water.

3.8 liters of milk requires 3,331 liters of water.
Glass of Milk

3.8 liters of wine requires 3,816 liters of water.

3.8 liters of beer requires 2,608 liters of water.

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