International Water Week, 4-8 November, Amsterdam: workshop on water footprint assessment

Solving the Water Crisis: Best Practices of Industrial and Geographical Water Footprint Assessment

Tuesday, November 5th
14:05-15:25 hrs
Location: G107

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In many river basins, water scarcity already results in economic and environmental decline. The water footprint defines humanity's pressure on water resources by calculating the water consumed in the production of goods and services used by humans. As these goods and services are distributed, the water embedded in them links their consumers/users to the freshwater ecosystems where they were produced. By addressing the entire supply chain from primary producer to consumer, the water footprint enables analysis of the use of water for production - is it efficient, is it equitable, is it sustainable? It also demonstrates how water moves through the economy, identifies who is benefitting from water use from distant river basins and permits analysis of how trade and relocating production can be used to solve water problems. The Global Water Footprint Standard offers an innovative and instrumental measure to better account for humanity's water consumption and pollution.

In this session, applications of the Water Footprint Assessment will be presented to demonstrate how it can be used to move toward a sustainable, efficient and equitable use of available freshwater. Included in the applications will be discussion about how the Water Footprint Assessment can be used to determine strategic actions to be taken by business and government actors.

Convener : Water Footprint Network

Moderator: Ertug Ercin, Project Manager Water Footprint Network, Bangladesh Water "PaCT", Partnership for Cleaner Textile

Industry's use of water footprint assessment and engagement in the watershed: case studies from South Asia
Bastiaan Mohrmann, Head of Water for South Asia, International Finance Corporation

Improvement of water sustainability in the textile supply chain
Nicolas Franke, Project Officer Water Footprint Network, The Netherlands

The Water Footprint of Milan
Davy Vanham, Researcher, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Italy

Water Footprint of Copper Production in China
Dr. Brenda Chan, Environmental Researcher, Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd, China

This workshop is part of TRACK 4. Industrial-Municipal water reuse solutions