Italian Agro-industrial companies meet Water Footprint in Venice (5 July 2013)

Italian Agro-industrial companies meet Water Footprint in Venice (5th July)

AISM (Italian Marketing Association) and Consorzio Venezia Ricerche, Partner of The Water footprint Network, are planning to hold the event "WATER FOOTPRINT USE AND APPLICATION IN THE AGRI-FOOD INDUSTRY", that will be held in Venice - c/o Science and Technology Park on 5/07/2013, as detailed below.

The conference is addressed to the Italian agri-food sector companies, and some of the most important food companies in Italy (Barilla and Brazzale) will give their contribution as lecturers. The focus is to highlight the importance of indicators of virtual water as an environmental tool. As we all know, it is really important making companies of the agri-food industry aware of the calculation and use of the Water footprint to increase its commitment towards environmental sustainability and create a wider sensitiveness to these choices.

We are strongly convinced that Business has a responsibility, to act as a leader in developing solutions to the big modern challenges. Sustainability will be the only premise that the consumers will accept, in the near future.

More detailed information (in Italian):