KPMG report:: Sustainable Insight: Water Scarcity: A dive into global reporting trends - with info on the state of business water footprinting

The report, which analyzes reports across 34 countries, finds that while 76 percent of the world's largest companies address water issues in their CR reporting, only a third report on their full water footprint. One in five report on part of their water footprint.

And only about one in 10 report that they are making changes to their business based on water availability or that they are mitigating the effects of water scarcity.

KPMG says water footprinting is more common in some sectors, with 100 percent of mining companies and 98 percent of pharmaceutical companies reporting on water use.

However, only three of the largest 250 companies report on the water footprint of any part of their supply chain. None report the water footprint of the entire supply chain.

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