Session on Water Footprint Assessment (WFA) at AGU Fall Meeting December 2014 in San Francisco, USA

Session on Water Footprint Assessment (WFA) at AGU Fall Meeting December 2014 in San Francisco, USA

Water Footprint Assessment

Session ID#: 2857

Session Description:

This session invites submissions on developing and comparing methods to quantify and map green, blue and grey water footprints (applying simulation models and/or remote sensing techniques), assessing resultant water scarcity and water pollution levels, analyzing uncertainties, studying the subject of maximum sustainable water footprint at catchment level, and analyzing water productivities and water footprints per unit of production (eco-efficiency). Other submissions of interest include water footprint scenarios under changing consumer preferences, links between water footprint, global trade and local decision making, the (in)commensurability between water footprint assessment and neoclassic economics and the application of water footprint assessment in strategies of water governance and corporate water stewardship.

This session is (partially) developed within the framework of the Panta Rhei Research Initiative of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) under the research theme of Water Footprint Assessment and related working groups of comparative water footprint studies and socio-hydrologic modeling and synthesis.


GC - Global Environmental Change
PA - Public Affairs
SI - Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences

Index Terms:

1834 Human impacts [HYDROLOGY]
1847 Modeling [HYDROLOGY]
1873 Uncertainty assessment [HYDROLOGY]
1880 Water management [HYDROLOGY]
Primary Convener: Saket Pande, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands
Co-conveners: Arjen Hoekstra, University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands, Megan Konar, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Urbana, IL, United States, Sonia Yeh (University of California at Davis) and Bridget Scanlon, University of Texas at Austin