Somaliland Participated the 3rd African Climate Resilient Summit (ACRIS III) in Marrakech, Morocco

Somaliland Participated the 3rd African Climate Resilient Summit (ACRIS III) in Marrakech, Morocco

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A high-level delegation led by the Director General of Ministry of Water Development, Dr Abdirizak Nour, has been invited to participate the recently held 3rd African Climate Resilience Summit held at Marrakech, Morocco on 27-28 February 2018. Since the highly successful COP 22, ACRIS III has brought together practitioners, academics, politicians, technicians, donors, public and private sector stakeholders.

African Development Bank (AfDB), World Bank Group, African Commission and the Nordic Development Fund (NDC) has facilitated and sponsored the event. The Kingdom of Morocco has hosted the event under the leadership of Ministry of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment.

ACRIS III objective is to focus on the climate resilience and adaptation in the most vulnerable countries of Sub Saharan Africa. Somaliland is no exception.

The summit convened a set of high-level priority areas for the private sector to invest. The priority areas will permit the low-income countries achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of 2030.

It is evident both public and private sector has to cooperate in dealing with improving and maintaining the environmental issue facing the sub-Saharan countries.

Somaliland is a prime example of desertification, over grazing and water scarcity. All topics have been addressed at the summit.

ACRIS III delegates acknowledged the link between water scarcity inflicted by climate change and geopolitical conflicts resulting from the disagreements over managing water scarcity in shared water points.

Director General of Ministry of Water Development has networked and met potential donors, including the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Politically, recently elected president Muse Behi has campaigned water sector as the priority for the country. Dr Nour has presented a research paper addressing the short comings of climate resilience which directly affects the water security in Somaliland.  Somaliland WASH sector clearly aspires to achieve SDG 6 by way of increasing access to safe drinking water by 20% in 2021.

In addition, ‘Preparation of Water Resources Management and Investment Plan Project (WRIMP)’ of the African Water Facility (AWF) of AfDB is preparing an investment plan for the water sector as a whole in Somaliland. NIRAS and WE consult are preparing Investment Master Plan which will shed light on bankable projects in Somaliland.

Finally, Ministry of Water Development is at the forefront of developing the water security of the country by way of attracting private investment and new donors to the sector.