Strange and Unexpected Things Found in Sewers

Our toilets and sewers are not garbage cans. Yes, they can make things disappear in a flash. But they're built to support a complicated infrastructure that requires communities to have common sense to never dispose of diapers, syringes, batteries, or even toys down the toilet or sewers. The obvious reason is that these items clog the sewers, but they can also pose as health risks to the amazing men and women who must remove these items.

Below is a list of some of the strange and unexpected things found in sewers. Some of them are headscratchers as to how they got there.

Gold Found in Japanese Sewers

In 2009, Japan was going through a recession, job losses, and failing stocks. But Suwa treatment facility in Nagano, Japan, reported a finding of tens of thousands of pounds worth of gold pulled from sludge, which came as a welcoming surprise during their deep recession.

Cow in Manhole

A cow in the Fujian province in eastern China went missing for four days. Locals found it in a sewer after hearing mooing sounds coming from underground. No one knows how this happened, but once the farmer was informed on his cow's whereabouts, he made a makeshift crane to free her.

Moist Towelettes

Moist towelettes for the backside have clogged up the Honolulu sewer systems, pump stations and treatment plants, despite companies labelling them as toilet-friendly.

"These wipes also contribute to recurring problems at our pumping stations; they do not break down, and create additional work for our crews who have to repeatedly remove them on a monthly or weekly basis," said Markus Owens, a spokesperson for Honolulu's Department of Environmental Services.


From Flickr user, Beothuk, half a jaw was pulled from an Edmonton sewer. Can anyone identify what kind of animal this may be?

Killer Bees in Manhole

In Tucson, Arizona, these killer bees were found on the flipside of a manhole cover.

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