Water Life - What happens in the water and Wastewater "Cicyle".

Hello Dear Water and Wastewater fellows, how you're doing?

Recently a interesting article was published here in Brazil,I ampleased towrite here some of the highlights from the article. This article was aboutWW discharges and the regulation in my country (Brazil). It also mentioned thenegligence for the topicand corruption involved in the sector.

It is common everywhereto face thecases where the WW treatment plantof industrial effluents is poor (or even bad, some time they don't exists). People are not interested in using the correct methodology while discharging the wage water.The do take some steps when theyreceives a notification fromthe legal inspection agency of respective country.

If people know that they can cheat the government they will keep throng the waste water any where.

So fellows, my point here today is: Do you think that this is our responsibility to change this terrible scene that a large amount of counties in the world still suffer everyday ?We must report those cases to the legal authorities and charge them, monitore their operationin order to ensure that those environmental crimes disappear. what do you think ?

A big hug from this humble colleague. Léo.