How Individuals Can Encourage Systemic Change Towards Energy Efficiency in Their Community

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How Individuals Can Encourage Systemic Change Towards Energy Efficiency in Their Community

How Individuals Can Encourage Systemic Change Towards Energy Efficiency in Their Community.

Interior Designing and the Wastewater Industry seems like polar opposites at first glance. But thinking in a new, innovative way, can we draw similarities? Find out from our guest authors and experts in interior architecture, Modernize!

by Guest Authors, Modernize

vcTttxe.pngOrganica Water and Modernize, two unique companies, have visions that run parallel to each other. When we think about the future of our communities and our planet, we hope to see individuals, organizations, and cities making huge strides towards a more energy efficient way of life. 

How the Visions of Organica and Modernize Work Together

Modernize provides individuals with the necessary information to increase the efficiency of the home. This can be accomplished in so many ways, big and small, such as making the switch to solar, upgrading to more efficient windows, or repairing the roof. All of these changes have a significant impact on the environment by lowering consumption of energy obtained from nonrenewable sources.

Essentially, at Organica we have the same vision on a larger scale. By some measures, wastewater treatment consumes 3% of global energy production, and much of this is pumping large amounts of sewage from city centers to remote facilitites.  At Organica we are striving to change the way the world thinks about wastewater treatment by localizing  - bringing it closer to the source - thereby massively lowering energy consumption globally.

Through the use of beautiful and ordor free greenhouses, Organica’s wastewater treatment facilities can be placed near residences, restaurants, and hotels.

Additionally, Organica understands that beauty and a green way of life can go hand in and hand. Just like Modernize, and our loyal readers, we have worked diligently to bring pleasing aesthetics and interesting architecture into functional spaces. It’s a vision that anyone with a passion for beautiful design and environmentally friendly living can get behind. 

The best evidence is in the results; at our more than 80 facilities aroudn the world we consistently the community rally around the greenhouse, with one facility having more than 800 people (1/3 of the town) attend the opening ceremony!

Encourage Your Community to Embrace Sustainability

If you are someone who places a high priority on caring for our planet, and you have already made energy-efficient upgrades to your home, you may be ready to encourage others to embrace your vision. It isn’t easy to compel an entire community to participate in projects and programs focused on the well-being of the earth, but with enough information and perseverance, you may be able to encourage your own community to embrace Organica’s vision. 

The wastewater treatment facilities powered by Organica can be used in a wide range of environments including campuses, real estate developments, industrial and commercial properties, and urban environments. This approach lowers the footprint and reduces water waste of the communities they serve by recycling and reusing the treated water.

Additionally, many of the greenhouses are outfitted with solar panels that provide power to surrounding facilities. This greatly reduces the communities’ reliance on electricity created from nonsustainable energy sources.

Your Next Steps

If Organica’s vision is something you can see your community embracing as a way of moving towards a more sustainable way of life, there are steps you can take. First, you can explore their website and request more information be sent to you or someone in the leadership in your community.

You can present your ideas to your community leaders, or meet with campus leaders at your college and compel them to consider how embracing Organica’s vision could change the entire community while lessening its carbon footprint.

Systemic change is possible, and as a worldwide community we can work together to care for our planet. It takes one person with a passion for a project, a little research, and a lot of perseverance to move an entire community towards a more efficiency way of life.  While at Organica, a common slogan is ”Act Globally, Treat Locally.”

Modernize certainly thinks acting locally IS the way to think globally.  Each of us has a responsibility to drive positive change to make our world a better place for future generations.