Preliminary Wastewater Engineering - Redefined

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Preliminary Wastewater Engineering -  Redefined

As the saying goes, “time is money”, and in any business or industry this statement really does apply.

With the development of our Hosted Design Platform, Organica Central Station (OCS), we have not only taken a large step forward in the precision required to create preliminary engineering design documents but shaved (or even shattered) the time required to create such drawings from an average of 200 hours down to a mere 6 hours.

To top it all, this whole system is available as a separate online tool to anyone with an internet connection. But what does this mean on the grand scale? We've asked our own employees to share their experiences…

“We are the generation of online shopping. People manage many activities on the internet every day: you can do grocery shopping, buy the latest shoes, book your next holiday, buy a theatre ticket or take an online course at a famous university.

Even if you don’t buy the product or service online, first you collect information and expect a solution in a second, don’t you?” – says Ágnes Juhász, Associate Manager at Organica – “That’s our reality, so why would it be different for wastewater treatment? Can you wait weeks for a preliminary engineering package?

Usually the answer is no, even in our industry. OCS provides you the possibility to design your treatment plant from your sofa and find your answers quickly.”

But what about the credibility of a tool like this? Can a simple user trust the outcome of an online tool?

“OCS is a phenomenal tool to produce preliminary designs for any wastewater treatment facility. Our process calculation uses a state of the art simulator which is based on a model utilized by industry experts for more than 20 years.

It provides a 90% accurate design, which is more than enough for a budgetary proposal stage, in less than 6 hours- compared to 3 to 5 days of work for 3 engineers. It allows Organica’s partners the freedom and independence to design and estimate an Organica-powered WWTP for projects over a wide range of capacity and influent/effluent parameters.” answered Akhil Barar, SVP - Global Commercial Head.

“With the usual limitations of time,” – he continued “it is a great tool to optimize designs by running various scenarios simultaneously, selecting the best option and using the time saved to focus on accurate estimation of the overall cost of the project.

The interface is extremely simple and user friendly, and the built in algorithms ensure that once a design is submitted, it will be produced in less than 6 hours. The system also alerts users for any anomalies in the input and thus reduces the chances of mistakes in entering input data.”

Péter Varga, Manager - Business Development also added “The use of OCS has accelerated lead development significantly.  Over the years it has become apparent that information sharing (education) is the key to penetrating one of the most conservative industries globally. 

Being able to provide detailed technical data quickly allows our partners to engage in advanced discussions even at early project stages and fuels the exchange of ideas, planting a fertile seed in the heads of the decision makers.  With this tool, we are seriously considered as a viable, technically savvy option early on, we begin a rich dialogue, and we become the preferred option as we develop the opportunity. “

To sum it all up, Organica Central Station (OCS) is quite useful because of the following points:

It gives us an idea about the CAPEX and OPEX and preliminary design data for any treatment process in a short time.
It gives an idea to partners as to how the treatment process will work and what will be the requirements
It provides a good idea to us and our partners about land requirements and a comparison with other technologies OPEX/CAPEX” says Bodhisattwa Dasgupta, Associate Director - BD & Sales, India

Stay tuned to see what our partners think of it… don’t just take it from us! 

In the meantime, it is better to try it yourself.  Did we manage to whet your appetite? Can this free tool be something you could use in your everyday work? Why not find out yourself? Click on  this link  and enjoy Organica’s quick and efficient design tool instantly!