Foods With the Lowest Water Footprint

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Many of you asked the important question: Which foods have the lowest water footprint?

The answer: Vegetables and fruit.

There was a reason we were told to eat our vegetables and fruit as children. Not only can shifting to a vegetarian diet drastically reduce your risk of heart disease, it can also reduce our national food related water footprint by more than a third.

Want some help picking some tasty, water-saving vegetables and fruit? Check out our list below of vegetables and fruit with the lowest water footprint.

I pound of lettuce requires 15 gallons of water

1 pound of tomatoes requires 22 gallons of water

1 pound of cabbage requires 24 gallons of water

1 pound of cucumbers requires 28 gallons of water

1 pound of oranges requires 55 gallons of water

1 pound of grapes requires 78 gallons of water

1 pound of strawberries requires 33 gallons of water

1 pound of eggplants requires 25 gallons of water

To see how much water is required for beans and apples, please scroll to the bottom here.