Why you should start selling to China today (and not tomorrow)

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With 19% of the world population and only 7% of global fresh water resources, much of which are seriously polluted, economic growth in China has come at the expense of a population's access to potable tap water. Every year nearly 200 million residents in China fall ill from drinking contaminated tap water, whilst also exposing themselves to long-term health problems. That's pretty much the size of Brazil's entire populace.

Because of the many scandals, which are not just limited to the drinking water sector, it should come as no surprise that consumer trust in water is low in the Middle Kingdom; municipal solutions fall short and domestic companies are not to be trusted.

This obviously poses a challenge to many companies, but also gives international manufacturers an opportunity to leverage their (trustworthy) image as a foreign brand.

More and more foreign companies are now running towards the Chinese market. Aquatech China is the largest water technology fair worldwide, and it's no surprise why: the market not only shows future potential, it's also growing extremely fast. However, the longer wait you wait, the more competition you will face.

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