1st Asia Agriculture Insurance Conference in Singapore

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Asia's agricultural sector has grown by leaps and bounds with more than 2.2 billion people in the region relying on agriculture for their livelihoods. Also, there has been a major explosion of investments in the agricultural sector in the emerging markets with Asia having 60% (4.3 billion) of the world population. But agriculture insurance in Asia though booming has yet to keep pace. Penetration remains very low hence growth potential is strong. How can the insurance industry capitalise on these growth opportunities and translate such market potential to real growth? Can the industry respond to the needs of the farmers? Many global players are eyeing this sector of the pie. And this will be a game changer.

Asia Insurance Review is hosting the inaugural1st Asia Agriculture Insurance Conference in Singapore to provide a comprehensive analysis of the agriculture and insurance landscape in Asia today. The Conference will assess the different models of protection and address critical issues, key challenges and opportunities ahead for the insurance industry in respond to the boom in agriculture in Asia. The two-day Conference will bring together leading experts and key players in the agriculture insurance market to discuss: