Desalination and Acheiving SDG 6

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Desalination and Acheiving SDG 6

I visited the only desalination plant in the world using a combination of ultra-filtration to remove TSS, reverse osmosis to remove TDS and post treatment reconditioning unit. Fully operated using scada, PLC with fully digital meters for monitoring the contaminant levels at the distribution point. Treating 200,000cm of water per day. The lessons learnt there are invaluable thanks to the combination of Algerian, Malysian and Indian engineers. This is a sign that through cooperation, technology sharing and continued research, we can manage to achieve SDG 6 fully.

Africa is fast adopting to relevant technologies in water treatment.

I think with relevant cooperation with other countries we can borrow a lot in line with agriculture, water treatment technologies and energy recovery solutions relevant to our particular locations. The Algerians have really exploited what they have available and made it work for them. The Tlemcen district and many others practice irrigation using desalinized water and have managed to turn an ASAL into arable land.20170516_111515_HDR.jpg20170516_103230_HDR.jpg