A great example of how a Hippo Roller crowdfunding campaign is run

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Chiedza Pasipandoya grew up in the small rural community of Chegutu in Zimbabwe where collecting water was a normal part of the day for many people.  In December 2016 she set up a Hippo Roller crowdfunding campaign. The campaign raises money to send Hippo Rollers back to Zimbabwe and has been going full force since then.  

Chiedza rallied a team of youth from Woodgreen Rites of Passage to help her raise money and they have been doing a spectacular job!  Not only did she get the youth in her community involved but she also set up an art exhibition where 100% of the proceeds of prints sold will go towards getting Hippo Rollers to her small home town community in Zimbabwe.

These barrels will create the opportunity for these girls to have time to go to school and women to spend meaningful time with their families.

This campaign has shown what passion, creativity and determination can accomplish... join Chiedza and let's help make a difference to the people of Zimbabwe. Help Chiedza reach her goal by visiting her page here http://givewater.hipporoller.org/chiedzarop

Or create your own page and send Hippo Rollers to a community that needs your help https://givewater.hipporoller.org  You can make a difference!