Water status of Punjab India in need of concern

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I m telling here the current water status of Punjab (state once known for its surface water and rivers)

total no. of ground water block are 138, In which there are 103 blocks over exploited,5 are critical and 4 are semi critical, now you tell me people what is the status of  ground water in Punjab?

Most of the rivers and canals are source of dumping municipal and industrial water resulting in making river and canal water unfit for human consumption and above all you will be astonished to learn the same unfit canal water is the source of water supply to house holds in all parts of Punjab via state public health department engaged in water supply to household.

now is it the Govt only responsibility of water conservation and saving, I dont think so? If the so called Govt dont do anything then Is this okay if our children or grand children  are deprived of fresh water?water water everywhere no a drop to drink... I remember somebody comment and now i realise how true it is,  People from weaker section of the society have no access to sanitation and potable water? why? are they not humans? Do they dont have a right of good health? whose responsibility is this? although again the Govt should take steps in this regards, and strict action should be taken against culprits throwing industrial trade effluents into surface water channels or injecting the same into ground water or penalising municipal bodies for not installing and properly  operation maintenance of sewage treatment plants above all it is the dusty of every citizen, every citizen of the world to save water and make its involvement in saving water and natural resources  because people in developed countries have more resources then in developing nations  to fight against pollution and poverty, because water is limited and I m sure its impact is global, Now in teh need of the hour is to AWARE everybody the importance of water,