Industry Engagement and Consultation - Melbourne Water Guidelines for Stormwater Harvesting on Melbourne Water Assets

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As the licensing authority and waterway manager for urban waterways within the Melbourne region, Melbourne Water has developed draft technical guidelines for stormwater harvesting structures and is continuing to develop principles and rules relating to the volume, rate of harvest and location of stormwater harvesting. These rules and principles form an important part of overall resource management for stormwater in this region.

The guidelines are designed to provide proponents and engineering practitioners with guidance on Melbourne Water's requirements for stormwater harvesting schemes on Melbourne Water assets and recommended options for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of diversion structures.

The current draft of the Guidelines is now ready for wider industry consultation following earlier stakeholder workshops.

A copy of the current drafted guidelines along with design drawings can be downloaded here:


We invite comments on all aspects of the guidelines but are particularly interested to understand whether the industry sees them as useful and relevant in the harvesting field. Comments and feedback can be sent back to Melbourne Water via IVWater website.

The consultation period is open until the 30 September 2015 , after which the Guidelines will be finalised and made available publicly.

IVWater has an ongoing partnership with Melbourne Water since 2011.