Commercial growing for non-farmers - The Agricolis Model for management of Impact Farming

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Not even four months since Themis Investment decided to implement the Agricolis Model as guideline for the rejuvenation of their loss-making Samar Farm, the harvest is in full swing. Agricolis has been replacing run-away farm managers and other 'ghost' workers that had caused more issues then grew produce. The owner has started investing in additional equipment and irrigation systems, now sees the difference between "owning a plot" and "caring for the soil".

The Agricolis "Fusion Farming" doctrine, bringing the best practices of Agroforestry, Precision Farming and Organic Soil Conditioning together in one Farm Protocol has proven its value: harvest quantities have shown significant increase and the buyers are offering substantial higher prices for the premium grade product, as well as the rejects have dropped with as much as 90%.

Agricolis has formulated for the convenience of its Principals a "10 steps 2 success" plan, helping them to understand how our services can transform their farm into a profitable business, within budget and within agreed time frames:

1. Fact Finding Research on historic & actual data of the farm 2. Decide on crops & markets 3. Soil sampling & analyzing, develop farm operations protocol 4. Recruit and appoint Agricolis Farm Manager 5. Repair & Restore essential farm infrastructure 6. Start with weed control, followed by ploughing, leveling and harrowing 7. Implement chemical and organic soil amendments, fertilizers 8. Start seeding, nursing and growing 9. Global GAP, Food Safety, Environmental & Social Certifications 10.Harvest, pack and supply on buyer's specification The results on the Samar Farm are impressive, a true Shift in the Paradigm. The coffee bushes give bigger and more berries then ever before, started growing again, seedlings survival rate has multiplied and buyers are lining up to be able to get a hold on our crops. The Samar Farm produce is safe in terms of residuals, below all European MRL standards, and a tasteful joy to cook and eat. Agricolis continuous accepting and developing new projects within Kenya and across Sub-Sahara Africa. Our approach works, acknowledged by our existing client database. We have also ventured into Value Addition for internal and external use. Being a Supply Chain Integration Partner for our off-takers, we are investing in grading, conditioning and warehousing our harvest to be able to supply our buyers as per their specifications and Just-in-Time supply principles. We are looking forward to meet with any potential interested owner of arable farm land, exceeding 200 acres in size, and present our systematic approach, including our very reasonable cost-structure. Land-owners and interested investors can find more information on ourwebsiteor sent an email to . The Agricolis Team is looking forward to "Grow & Transform" your farm investments. -------------------------------

About Author:Jan WillemVan Esis an entrepreneurial Manager with strong focus on Cost-Efficiency & Sustainability.He hasgained extensive and broad experience on the farm as well as in food processing and wholesale / logistics environments in multiple roles, in food and non-food crops as well as animal husbandry. His other articles can be seenhere