Global Water Footprint Standard Training course, 28-30 May in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Global Water Footprint Standard Training Course
Intensive course on Water Footprint Assessment Methodology & Application

Dates: Tuesday May 28th till Thursday May 30st 2013
Place: Amsterdam [The Hub Amsterdam], The Netherlands
Organised by the Water Footprint Network

The water Footprint Network invites you to the Global Water Footprint Standard training course that is designed for professionals from businesses, governments, and academia including consultancies advising corporations or governments. The course is designed to capture both ends of professionals from a novice beginner to an expert in the field of environmental assessment.

This three day course covers all aspects of Water Footprint Assessment and is split into two sessions:

Session I: Water Footprint Assessment Concepts and Methodology (May 28/29)
Covering understanding of Water Footprint Assessment concepts and methodology, obtaining in-depth knowledge of the Global Water Footprint Standard. This session provides experience in Water Footprint Assessment including accounting, sustainability assessment and formulating response strategies in a variety of settings and cases.

Session II: Implementing Water Footprint Assessment (May 30)
Covering technical know-how to implement Water Footprint Assessment in business water strategy and public sector policy. This module provides hands-on experience, technical capability and skills for detailed implementation of Water Footprint Assessment.

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