The Misery of Monuments Remained in Villages in Comparison of those From the Then Rulers

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I am found of monuments so much, as many others, and have visited many by chance, here and there, but I always remember the experience I had when visiting the pearl of monuments; the Taj Mahal, and the then kings' palaces there in Agra, India during a business trip.

There was a wise Indian guide assigned accompanying with the group. He came to me personally and whispered into my ears; can you imagine how many lives, happiness and welfare of the then human beings have been scarified and perished, to be able for those then in power; building a lasting pride of monuments after their names? Then he added why none of those rural areas are existing now? I had no answer in speech, but looked through his kind eyes deeply, in the sense of sympathy extended in silence.

Just now, after centuries; see all these monuments worldwide, in relation to the widespread of the environmental pollution on our planet earth today, which mainly have ended up into the water we drink. It is to the extent that those who are able to afford it have installed multi-filtering units with ultra violet lamp cell, under their sinks in their kitchen; but, how about other living creatures? Do they have such facilities?

The reason behind ever existing miseries in rural areas, preventing them accumulating wealth and then making monuments; could be traced back to the unjust relations between the then rulers and those ruled by them. Those ruled had to pay for nonsense wars, in their own territories for keeping the rulers' powers in their own preferred circle families and striking wars with neighboring rulers; the payments mainly obtained by landlords, backed by military forces and the like.

Delving into the following poem (with translation further below,) in comparison to the remaining monuments of the past rulers - as an example - reveals the reasons behind the miseries, still existing here and there worldwide, in the rural areas:

بخش ۲۷ - داستان پیر زن با سلطان سنجر

ظامی » خمسه » مخزن الاسرار

پیرزنی را ستمی درگرفت

دست زد و دامن سنجر گرفت

کای ملک آزرم تو کم دیده‌ام

وز تو همه ساله ستم دیده‌ام

شحنه مست آمده در کوی من

زد لگدی چند فرا روی من

بیگنه از خانه برویم کشید

موی کشان بر سر کویم کشید

در ستم آباد زبانم نهاد

مهر ستم بر در خانم نهاد

گفت فلان نیم‌شب ای کوژپشت

بر سر کوی تو فلانرا که کشت

خانه من جست که خونی کجاست

ای شه ازین بیش زبونی کجاست

شحنه بود مست که آن خون کند

عربده با پیرزنی چون کند

رطل زنان دخل ولایت برند

پیره‌زنان را به جنایت برند

آنکه درین ظلم نظر داشتست

ستر من و عدل تو برداشتست

کوفته شد سینه مجروح من

هیچ نماند از من و از روح من

گر ندهی داد من ای شهریار

با تو رود روز شمار این شمار

داوری و داد نمی‌بینمت

وز ستم آزاد نمی‌بینمت

از ملکان قوت و یاری رسد

از تو به ما بین که چه خواری رسد

مال یتیمان ستدن ساز نیست

بگذر ازین غارت ابخاز نیست

بر پله پیره‌زنان ره مزن

شرم بدار از پله پیره‌زن

بنده‌ای و دعوی شاهی کنی

شاه نه‌ای چونکه تباهی کنی

شاه که ترتیب ولایت کند

حکم رعیت برعایت کند

تا همه سر بر خط فرمان نهند

دوستیش در دل و در جان نهند

عالم را زیر و زبر کرده‌ای

تا توئی آخر چه هنر کرده‌ای

دولت ترکان که بلندی گرفت

مملکت از داد پسندی گرفت

چونکه تو بیدادگری پروری

ترک نه‌ای هندوی غارتگری

مسکن شهری ز تو ویرانه شد

خرمن دهقان ز تو بیدانه شد

زامدن مرگ شماری بکن

میرسدت دست حصاری بکن

عدل تو قندیل شب افروز تست

مونس فردای تو امروز تست

پیرزنانرا بسخن شاد دار

و این سخن از پیرزنی یاد دار

دست بدار از سر بیچارگان

تا نخوری پاسخ غمخوارگان

چند زنی تیر بهر گوشه‌ای

غافلی از توشه بی توشه‌ای

فتح جهان را تو کلید آمدی

نز پی بیداد پدید آمدی

شاه بدانی که جفا کم کنی

گرد گران ریش تو مرهم کنی

رسم ضعیفان به تو نازش بود

رسم تو باید که نوازش بود

گوش به دریوزه انفاس دار

گوشه نشینی دو سه را پاس دار

سنجر کاقلیم خراسان گرفت

کرد زیان کاینسخن آسان گرفت

داد در این دور برانداختست

در پر سیمرعغ وطن ساختست

شرم درین طارم ازرق نماند

آب درین خاک معلق نماند

خیز نظامی ز حد افزون گری

بر دل خوناب شده خون گری

I could search the following translation of the Persian poem, into English through Internet, for kind readers, although the translation may not satisfy the required standards.

" The story of the old woman with the Sultan Sanjar

An old woman came to the oppression And skirt was made by Sanjar Azam Malik little square you've seen Today, you've seen all year system Shahneh drunk in my neighborhood He kicked a few calls on my Bygnh go out of the house Hair was dragged over Kvym The oppression of the tongue Abad October oppression of the female body Phelan said the midnight of Bournemouth Hotels You Flanra on campus culture Where is the blood of my house Search Where is this city of more than cowardice Shahneh that the blood was not drunk Because the cry of an old woman Women pounds till their province Crime witch to live Although this seems cruel Dashtst I setter and you just Brdashtst I was bruised chest injury Nothing left of me and of my soul If you do not that's me, This is the day you are Judgment and the Nmybynmt Day free system Nmybynmt MALEKAN strength and help from it You gave us the ignominy of what looks Not the property of orphans Stdn Pass this looting is not Abkhazia RA witch on the steps Mzn Thy shame from stairs witch King Kenny claims provisions King ultimate ruin because you Shah, who is the province Adhere to the peasant sentence To put all the command line Friendship is the heart and soul put World upside Kurds To end what art hub Kurds Turkish government that was looming He was a friendly country Because you breeding injustice Final crack marauding Hindu You were the ruins of a city housing I was the farmer harvest currants Zamdn death of Hardcore Myrsdt fences do You just glow-Test Icicle Mons tomorrow you test today Pyrznanra happy with Bskhn And forget about the old woman Keep hands of the poor To fall back Ghmkhvargan Some women, however, corner bar Unaware of luggage without Tvshhay You're the key to conquering the world Following the uproar caused came close King know that low persecute you Round beard expensive You'll Balm I was a poor drawing Nazsh You should be drawn that caress Listen to the souls of Dryvz·h To pass two or three significant retreat Sanjar was Khorasan Kaqlym The loss was easy Kaynskhn That in this round Brandakhtst Symrgh filled home in Sakhtst Tarom shame this did not Azraq Water in this soil is not suspended Military rise of an increasingly Gray Gary blood to the heart Khvnab."

And now view a few remaining monuments from that period, which could be interpreted into the financial relations between the oppressors and the oppressed nations; but frankly speaking what is going on in this regards, in the current era; making more powerful arms, building higher and higher high-rise building and towers, etc. vis-a'-vis catastrophic environmental pollution on the planet earth ?