30 Interesting Water Safety and Management Blogs

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30 Interesting Water Safety and Management Blogs

On the 'Masters in Public Administration' website I have found a quite helpful and interesting list of websites with water-related content, and I wanted to share it with you all. There's 30 of them, so I hope you'll find something for you!


The phrase “water management” means a lot of things. From how to efficiently distribute water to the public, making sure water is sanitized or managing the sewage or waste water, this broad term has many meanings. These thirty blogs help better explain the process of treating, distributing and maintaining this vital resource and offer insight into how this system is run by public administration officials.

  1. Building a Smarter Planet – Smarter Water  This blog is a spin-off of the Smarter Planet sect and discusses water management on a global level. You’ll love reading the amazing things companies like IBM are doing to help technology improve water.
  2. TED Blog  This blog isn’t all water all of the time, but it explores many new, exciting ideas for energy and water management. We guarantee you’ll be impressed and inspired.
  3. Aguanomics  Learn about the way water works from an economic perspective. The posts are concise and to-the-point, making it a great read for newcomers to the topic.
  4. Chance of Rain  You’ll love this site that explores water as a dwindling resource and what we can do to help the planet in a major way.
  5. Project Wet  Teachers will find this site a great source for teaching kids about water education. There are lessons, information on workshops and supplementary materials that can be ordered.
  6. Carpe Diem – Western Water & Climate Change  Absorb everything you can from this smart, well-written blog. This site aims to help the world water crisis and promotes sustainable living.
  7. Circle of Blue – Water News  All the news you need to know regarding global water changes. This site explores issues big and small, making it place you need to bookmark if you want to be aware.
  8. American Water Resource Association  Get water news as it breaks at this site and also check out the forum where folks are discussing smart ways to improve water management so the Western world doesn’t dry out.
  9. Water Wired  This informative blog has information on the disaster of the PlayPump and examines other world issues regarding water.
  10. Water Education Foundation  Keep updated with water conferences and check out the extensive articles on water solution.
  11. Aquafornia  Water policy for Californians who want to be in-the-know.
  12. US Water News This site explains water and wastewater management with thoroughness, making it your first stop in learning about the subjects, and also posts water news from around the nation.
  13. Watershed  For over 30 years, the Watershed Management Council has promoted the science and art of watershed management, aiming to see that proper care is taken of watersheds so they yield the most water and prove to be effective for a community.
  14. UC Berkeley – On Water  This site is updated often and acts as a feed for all of the water news you need to keep up with from around the web.
  15. Environmental Economics  This site explores all environmental issues plaguing the planet and posts great water information that will enlighten.
  16. On the Public Record  Take a look at water in California from a citizen’s point of view. Proof that we can all have a stance on issues, as long as we take the time to get informed.
  17. The Water Law  Read about water and water laws from an environmental lawyer’s perspective. While some resources posted have plenty of law jargon, the blogger does a great job of breaking terms down for mere mortals.
  18. Royte  This environmental writer blogs on water and waste. Best of all, she rants and raves on water management ideas with a real voice that will make you laugh or wince at the proposed ideas floating around out there.
  19. Water Words That Work  If you’re in the business of water management, as a career or through volunteer work, check out this helpful site that talks about marketing a water organization using new media.
  20. Water Crunch  Penned by a civil engineer in South Carolina, this site takes a scientific look at water from many angles and most recently posted interesting thoughts on the Gulf oil spill.
  21. Fresh Water Action Network  This brilliant site examines people who are trying to change water for the better around the globe. Writers for the site also blog from water conferences so you’re updated on news the minute it breaks.
  22. Water for the Ages  Those interested in water management will love this blog that’s packed with global water info, including documentaries to check out and book suggestions to learn even more.
  23. The Water Blog  If only every community had a hands-on water blog like Portland, Oregon. This blog shows you how water goes from “forest to faucet” and also posts eco-friendly (and affordable) family happenings in the area.
  24. Water Supply  Check out the comprehensive timeline of the downfall of water over the past 30 years.
  25. Water Advocates  This non-profit organization aims to provide clean water world wide and serves as a great site for water facts that will shock you.
  26. The Evangelical Ecologist  Religion takes on the planet with this eco blog with a Christian twist. The water talk and ideas are universal, making it a must-read for everyone.
  27. Safe Drinking Water is Essential  If you aren’t aware of the global water crisis going on, this site provides a documentary on what needs to happen for everyone worldwide to have clean drinking water.
  28. H2O Podcast  Stacked with podcasts for everything water, this site has all of the information you need available for listening. Topics include climate change, the various natural bodies of water and the rain forests.
  29. Tappening  Find out all of the water news those bottled water companies don’t want you to find out. In most cases, tap water is just as good or higher quality than bottled waters and cost far, far less. Some estimate bottled water to have a thousandth percent margin!
  30. TreeHugger – Science & Technology Blog  While this blog looks at many aspects of science and technology, it’s a heavy hitter in the water management department and offers easy tricks to keeping our waters clean.

Source: Masters in Public Education