WaterVest: The Last Mile Solution

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WaterVest: The Last Mile Solution

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WaterVest is currently funding their next mass manufacturing and data collection effort through an Indiegogo campaign . With community support, WaterVest LLC hopes to bring WaterVests to where they are needed and perform field testing to ensure that this is the best solution.

Water insecurity, as a global phenomenon, affects more than 1 billion people. Poor waterworks infrastructure leads to violent conflict, disease, and lower survivability of infants and children. There is no dispute over the dangers of the water crisis, but there are still serious gaps when it comes to contributing to the solution.

Despite common misconception, clean water is not the only issue worth addressing in the water crisis. Distribution of clean water from its filtered source to rural communities is critically under-studied and as a result has many inefficient solutions. The most common solutions often result in multiple trips, back and forth, to collect enough water to sustain a family.

Enter WaterVest : a sustainable solution to the “last mile problem.” With WaterVest’s patented technology, users can carry the vest over their shoulders and transport up to 32 liters of water in a single trip. That’s enough water to sustain a family for multiple days.


WaterVests are manufactured from a single tube of food-safe, recyclable plastic, allowing distributors to carry hundreds of thousands or even millions of flat-stacked units from point-of-production to point-of-use. This means a comfortable, inexpensive, and sanitary solution to the last mile problem.

WaterVest LLC has partnered with Infinitum Humanitarian Systems (IHS), an international “profit-for-purpose” company consulting in the humanitarian sciences, for testing to validate the design and durability of the WaterVest. With your help, WaterVest and help solve the last mile problem.

Visit WaterVest: The Last Mile Solution’s Indiegogo crowd funding campaign.