Wastewater Odor Control

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Wastewater odor control products come in all different forms. There is vanilla and cherry masking agents, enzymes, sprayers, carbon filters, and the list can go on and on. It can be hard to tell what's the best, but Aquafix has conducted extensive research to understand the source of odors and how to neutralize it.

Noxious odors from wastewater almost always originates from oxygen deprived sewage and undigested waste in treatment process, aka sludge. Sludge transfer pipes, sludge storage tanks, sludge layers in lagoons, and sewage pipes deficient in oxygenare the main source of horrendous odors that develop into neighboring complaints.

Bioaugmentation for Wastewater Odor Control

In Aquafix's experience the best odor control is the use of improving bacterial performance and odor neutralizing essential oils. Targeting the source of the wastewater odors is key, whether is built up sludge in a wastewater lagoon or overflowing sludge storage tank, Aquafix has the advanced biological solutions to degrade it. Call us for short and long term solutions at lowering your sludge levels and odors.

Odor Encapsulant & Neutralizer

Aquafix has developed specialized odor neutralizing essential oils that encapsulates the odor molecules to break them down. Our DAZZeL wastewater odor control are made specific to your specific odor.

This rendering shows what happens when atomized DAZZeL micron droplets react with odor molecules.

This rendering shows what happens when atomized DAZZeL micron droplets react with odor molecules.

Odors can be uncontrollable due to industry manufacturing or domestic dumping. When someone dumps on you, you have to act quickly. A customer of ours gets dumped periodically by a cheese manufacturer, and he recovers by introducing ourdairy productsandDAZZeL Eco Plusaround his ponds.

Industry specific odors are caused purely by the product being manufactured. Using specialized misting systems our DAZZeL Eco Plus can be diluted 20:1 and provide long-lasting wastewater odor neutralizing results. Depending on the industry, we also provide DAZZeL Rendering for meat packing plants andDAZZeL Gammafor milk processing plants.

No matter what type of odor you have, preventing sludge production and treating upstream will always lower odors. For instant and long-lasting results use Aquafix's biological solutions andDAZZeLto stop the neighboring complaints.

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