MABR (Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors) Wastewater Treatment

MABR (Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors) Wastewater Treatment

Our best-in-class membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) technology provides the most advanced class 1A-quality wastewater treatment in the industry, with power consumption up to 90% less than with traditional methods of aeration. Fluence’s MABR technology allows for simultaneous nitrification-denitrification and uses passive aeration, which is much more energy-efficient than the compressed-air aeration used in conventional treatment.


Energy-Saving MABR Products

For maximum flexibility, Fluence offers its MABR technology in two versatile formats: our Aspiral™ line is available in a variety of capacities, and our SUBRE line is used to retrofit existing aerobic WWTPs, cutting energy costs, increasing capacity, and improving effluent quality.

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