7th World Water Forum 2015 - Thematic Framework

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7th World Water Forum 2015 - Thematic Framework

The International Steering Committee of the 7th World Water Forum, to be heldin Daegu Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea, has confirmed the 7th World Water Forum's Thematic Framework.

The framework will serve as building blocks for the preparatory process that will pave the way to the Forum in 2015. It highlights water security, responsible development, and sustainability in three main actions goals . In order to reach these goals a special focus is being made on the Action Tools that will be developed.

Sixteen main themes , which will constitute the framework of the 7th World Water Forum, were confirmed at the end of 2013. Sub-themes, which will be embodied by sessions will be developed by recruiting Working Groups and collecting opinions from various stakeholders.

The Future We Want

1. Water Security for All
1.1. Enough Safe Water for All
1.2. Integrated Sanitation for All
1.3. Adapting to Change : Managing Risk and Uncertainty for Resilience and Disaster Preparedness
1.4. Infrastructure for Sustainable Water Resource Management and Services

2. Water for Development and Prosperity
2.1. Water for Food
2.2. Water for Energy
2.3. Water and Cities

3. Water for Sustainability: Harmonizing Humans and Nature
3.1. Green Growth, Water Stewardship and Industry
3.2. Managing and Restoring Ecosystems for Water Services and Biodiversity
3.3. Ensuring Water Quality from Ridge to Reef
3.4. SMART Implementation of IWRM

Engines For Change

4. Constructing Feasible Implementation Mechanisms
4.1. Economics and Financing for Innovative Investments
4.2. Effective Governance : Enhanced Political Decisions, Stakeholder Participation and Technical Information
4.3. Cooperation for Reducing Conflict and Improving Transboundary Water Management
4.4. Water Cultures, Justices and Equity
4.5. Enhancing Education and Capacity Building

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