8th World Water Forum - Call for Poster Submission to Citizen Village

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8th World Water Forum - Call for Poster Submission to Citizen Village

The Water Youth Network is taking an active part in the 8th World Water Forum, in creating space for high skilled youth to take part in the global decision making process achieving the SDGs related to water. WYN will have a booth where young people can present their research and practical contributions to the SDGs. This is an outstanding opportunity for approaching key players and senior water professionals to get feedback on your work and connecting academic/practical initiatives led by youth with senior water organizations/water officials creating space for potential partnerships (e.g. sponsorship, capacity building, mentorship, etc).

We are inviting posters, either scientific or practical work, on one of the topics addressed in the thematic process . You can have a look at the official program for more detailed description of these topics: http://www.worldwaterforum8.org/pt-br/file/2113/download
- Climate – water security and climate change;
- People – water, sanitation and health;
- Development – water for sustainable development;
- Urban – integrated urban water and waste management;
- Ecosystems – water quality, ecosystem livelihoods and biodiversity;
- Financing – financing for water security;
- Cross cutting issues - Governance, Sharing and Capacity Building.

If you are a young water professional or student (below 35 years), apply for this great opportunity to be part of WWF8.
The deadline is 15th February. The result will be announced on 20th February.

Application link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeM_C7N3aY7od0LOE1lelLebrvnjDIejN0i0_1hVlNioJmOHA/viewform

If you have any question, please contact Javed Ali at j.ali@wateryouthnetwork.org