Ability to put Biology back into the soil through irrigation systems

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Dirt2Soil is a scientifically proven soil conditioner certified for organic use, which works by putting the biology back in the soil. Dirt2Soil contains 19 Mycorrhizal fungi species, 2 Trichoderma species, and 17 bacterial species, which make soil nutrients and minerals soluble to the plant. When soil nutrients and minerals are readily available to plants they are able to increase their uptake of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, increase root mass and increase crop yield. Dirt2Soil is also beneficial in reducing runoff, increasing water retention, decreasing operating costs, and decreasing a farmer's carbon footprint...

Many of the challenges addressed by putting biology into the soil consist of:

-increases root mass -increases crop yield -reduces and sometimes eliminates runoff -increases water holding capacity -increases organic matter -promotes plant health -stabilizes fertilizer -decreases operating costs -reduces disease pressures -biodegrades toxic residues -eliminates subsoiling -stabilizes sandy soil Please feel free to contact me at kstratton@dirt2soil.com Thank you!