AIDF Present the Water Security Summit: Malaysia 2014

Water security is under threat and has become a rapidly growing concern and a crucial requirement for sustainable development in Asia Pacific. The increasing damaging affects of floods, droughts, urbanisation, and uncontrolled toxins being released into natural water sources, ground water extraction and climate change impacts have raised both awareness and alarm across the region to the public. The ever expanding population requires more natural resources for basic necessities such as drinking, hygiene and farming. Existing water planning and management have proven to be inadequate in relation to society's escalating demands for water.

Conflicting demands on water resources for various uses make integrated water resources management and sustainability essential to enable constant provision of secure water services. Satisfying growing industrial water requirements, achieving water based energy objectives, improving agricultural water productivity and protecting water quality are just a few of the growing challenges that Asia Pacific are currently facing.

Social, economic, and political consequences of water shortages are real, as are the effects of water-related disasters intensified by climate change. As a result AIDF have organised Industry leaders, Government ministers, UN members, NGO representatives and delegates from private sector companies focused on aid, sustainability and development within the water sector to address the impact of water related disasters, sustainable water management, sanitation, conflicts in water resources and related agricultural irrigation systems and much more.

AIDF are working towards their vision of supporting the drive towards positive outcomes in the future of water security and sanitation through the provision of a leading platform for collaboration between stakeholders to further raise awareness of the dangers that Asia Pacific are dealing with.

This year's innovative and enlightening two day summit will bring public attention to the escalating issues regarding water and resources management, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity to the forefront of agendas in a cumulative and engaged environment.

AIDF have developed the agenda and speaker panel in consultation with key organisations, such as UNEP, ADB, Thai Red Cross, CIPS, UN Habitat, World Bank, IOM, FAO, UNESCO and regional governments' representatives.

This years Keynote Speaker panel will include: Rae Kwon Chung - UN ESCAP, Amnat Barlee - The Thai Red Cross Society, Dr. John Dore - AUSAID, Jack Sim - WTO, Trevor Davies - KPMG and Vinod Thomas - ADB .

This summit will also identify and explore the challenges of maintaining sustainable water resources in Asia-Pacific. Throughout Asia and the world, organisations have realised that addressing the most pressing water security challenges can drive multiple benefits, both environmental and economic.

The Water Summit will serve as a collaborative forum for leaders from diverse sectors to share insights and further a united mission: to build and manage water sustainability for Asia. Past AIDF Summits have demonstrated the Summit's role as a convener of national and international decision makers from the private/corporations, NGOs and government/ regulator sectors.

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