Aquamatix thinks it can solve the water crisis with the internet of things

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There are companies trying to solve all sorts of data and application-development problems at our Structure: Europe LaunchPad competition next week, but only one trying to solve the world's water crisis. Whether we're talking about a shortage of potable water or water, period, Aquamatix thinks sensor networks and a cloud platform can go a long way toward making sure water gets where it's needed most.

Aquamatix started two years ago, Managing Director Laurie Reynolds told me, after seeing over the past few years how smart-grid technologies were reshaping the world's electrical utilities. He had spent years working on large water and telecom systems, and recognized how having intelligent agents dispersed throughout a network was applicable to water, as well. Just like the electric grids in many countries are woefully outdated, "the world is facing a potential crisis [in water management]," Reynolds said. But no matter how much we improve treatment plants or processing facilities, he added, "it'll still be the same underground pipework and infrastructure that these cities are relying on." Read more :