Are really these villagers women ignored?

Are really these villagers women ignored?

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I t is really admirable when reading the following factual information and news item; as far as improvement in dealing with human waste, in developing world is concerned; in which all research activities are sponsored by gates foundation:
This Is What A Toilet Looks Like When Bill Gates Is Involved

S earching for a solution the world’s sanitation problems, the Gates Foundation recently convened a fair of all the different toilet innovations it has funded. And then it tested them with 50 gallons of fake poop.

B ut I wonder if dealing with animal dung might have been ignored, in the context of "water - sanitation - and - hygiene;" perhaps not being aware of, hidden underneath the plethora of the internet information.

L et's start with the following catastrophic image:

D ry animal dung is traditionally used as fuel, worldwide, as “dung cakes” which are made by hand mostly by villagers women. However, quite unhygienic while being made, but still have the following benefits:

Now, how about designing some sort of simple machines for making the same with the least of hands contact? The sanitation problems faced with these people are not only their feces, but animal dung as well.

There are already attempts in this regards; though unhygienic:

https://www. &espv=2&biw=1280&bih=709&source=lnms&tbm= isch&sa=X&ei=M-uLVb-lBIajU7DnmZAM&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ#imgrc=_
Mechanized dung cake machine.
And just one may look at the following products:

Dried cow dung cakes for Religious ceremonies


Animal manure pellet machine / Animal manure granulating

F inally for sure, these products are not pathogens-free. As a result, what is needed in rural areas is a home based one, supporting a family or a few neighboring ones; designing machines based on the same sanitation logic described on the above-mentioned referenced URL, from gates foundation ; not only for fecal sludge, but also for the inclusion of animal dung as well; considering the fact that the number of animals may outpace the number of humans in many villages, as well as the volume of dung in comparison to fecal sludge.

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