Atmospheric water harvesting

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I don't have to mention that we are about to plunge in to what they call "The Blue Gold Era". The lack of fresh water world wide it is already a big problem and its going to get worst and worst.

This is why we have to innovate and combine different technologies to solve this big problem.

OpenMS it's a nanotechnology based company for air purification and water harvesting and purification.

As we all know coastal areas are all very humid and also most of them count with mountains next to the coast that enjoy of mist and fog.

There are two different technologies to take advantage of this atmospheric condition.

  1. Atmospheric water collectors
  2. Atmospheric water harvesting by condensation

1 Atmospheric water collectors

It is not a new idea; this technique has been used for centuries. Basically consist of a structure of 5 meters high and 2 meters width, covered with a net. When mist or fog, travels through the net, water it's trapped and delivered in a deposit.

Our model has a particularity. We have treated the net with nanotechnology. We have achieved to collect 50% more water than an ordinary net. We are capable of harvesting up to 400 liters a day per unit, obviously needs to be installed in areas we know we have mist and fog.

The nanotechnology it's based in Titan Dioxide in a nanometer scale, when sprayed on the net and dries, it forms a hydrophilic film on the surface of the net attracting water molecules like a magnet, then, thanks to gravity waters drops slide down the net to finally end up in a deposit.

2 Atmospheric water harvesting by condensation

This units can generate tens to thousands litters of Safe Drinking Water every day, including all stages for water generation, filtration, storage and purification to provide clean and safe water for human or animal consumption in places with medium or high relative humidity and temperature.

This AWG units use approximately. 0, 4 Kw. to generate 1 litter when RH 80% and TEMP 28% . They only need to be connected to a power supply. They can be connected too to alternative energy sourcebased on wind, sun, hydrogen, biomass or a mixed solution. There are different models for 250, 500, 1000 litters per day.

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