Biodegradation of Regenerated Cellulose Products in Wastewater Treatment System Environments

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ISO TC 224 WG 10 is establishing conditions found in wastewater treatment systems as they may establish design conditions for flushable products such as wipes.  It is agreed amongst the experts, that products containing plastic and microplastic ingredients (polymers) do not biodegrade and are thus unsuitable as flushable products.

What is not agreed upon is the degree to which regenerated cellulose products (rayon, lyocell, etc) which are used to add wet strength to the products will biodegrade and not add to the contamination of receiving bodies of water because the fail to biodegrade in the typical wastewater treatment plants where the average temperature can range from 10 to 25 C but the duration of exposure is 6 to 18 hours before discharge into receiving bodies of water.

Can anybody identify research results that will contribute to the discussion of this subject.?