Blue water and Green Water


This planet earth is called "Blue planet" , because of 
i) Surface-water:- 'Above Ground-water' in Sea, Rivers and water stored in Dams, ponds etc. 
ii) Ground-water :- Underground water stored in Aquifers a) Confined aquifers ( extracted through a Borewell ) and b) Unconfined aquifers ( exrtracted through a Well).

Then there is Sky water - Rainwater which replenishes both these Surface-water and Ground-water during monsoon .

But there is one more form of water called "Green Water" ,water stored in soil as moisture. SOIL MOISTURE is equally important for our survival as it is absorbed by roots for plant growth and in absence of soil- moisture, Supportive Irrigation is needed in Agriculture.

Agriculture water consumption is more than 80% of total water used Globally. We need to reduce load of 'Agriculture Water Demand' on our existing sources of water .
We can achieve Sustainble Water Development Goal only if we can save 'Rainwater as Green water, in the form of Soil-moisture in the land where rain falls'.

And that can be achieved by "Underground Rainwater Harvesting "...

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