By 2025, 1800 million people will be living with absolute water scarcity!

March 22nd marks the annual celebration of World Water Day as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for freshwater resources sustainable management.

In celebration of World Water Day, Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) has released an innovative infographic about water industry highlighting important facts about necessity of building partnerships to ensure water security.

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This Infographic reveals that by 2025, 1800 million people will be living with absolute water scarcity. For developing countries alone, $103 billion per year is required to finance water, sanitation and wastewater treatment through 2014 and 2015.

Considering the importance of the subject Aid & International Development Forum is hosting AIDF Water Security Summit: Asia 2014 held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre , based near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 23rd & 24th April . The summit will gather high profile industry leaders including Government, UN agencies, NGOs and private sector .

It has been reported that there are limited spaces available to attend this timely event. Water professionals can register at

The diverse agenda for the AIDF Water Security Summit: Asia 2014 was developed in consultation with key organisations, such as UNEP, ADB, Thai Red Cross, CIPS, UN Habitat, World Bank, IOM, FAO, UNESCO and regional governments.

It will identify and explore the challenges of maintaining sustainable water resources in Asia-Pacific. Throughout Asia and the world, organisations have realised that addressing the most pressing water security challenges can drive multiple benefits, both environmental and economic.

AIDF is committed to laying the foundation for sustainable development and improved quality of lives…One drop at a time!