Can public art raise awareness of issues surrounding water preservation and river conversation?

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Taking artistic studioCreatmosphere's public art projectRiver of Lightas the basis for this discussion, can public art offer aninnovative and accessible way for communities, organisations and individuals to raise awareness of issuessurrounding water preservation and river conversation?

Exploring art as a means to communicate meaning about the spaces we inhabit, is public art the way we can engage communities to explore there space from a new perspective? If a project is local, can this become the basis for a global campaign? How can people from all over the world celebrate and share in projects happening in a specific place?

Through ourRiver of Light campaignwe hope to offer a model for the ways in which people from all over the world can contribute towards a local arts project that has a global message.

We would encourage everyone to view and share this model, so as the continue the discussion, spread the message and support the work.

For more information on the River of Light contact Laura Jennings