Celebrating 20 years of success with Geodivining International

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Celebrating 20 years of success with Geodivining International:

The article ‘Geodivining Groundwater Surveys: Principles and Substantiation' is available to download in this group's documents library. https://water.tallyfox.com/documents/celebrating-20-years-success-geodivining

It provides a good overview of the capability of Geodivining as a geo-prospecting method and the often extraordinary results achieved through its application in groundwater development.

The Geodivining Method was developed in Scotland and has been established for 20 years. It has been applied successfully in all geological environments throughout Scotland and in other countries with a high proportion of troubleshooting work operating in difficult areas where previous drilling attempts had failed or proved disappointing…

The method works on the basis that specially trained and applied human intuitive bio-sensory awareness is sufficiently acute to accurately detect and delineate concealed underground structural features at any depth and to detect and measure groundwater flows within such features.

Geodivining employs a powerful multiphase approach to exploration, starting with conventional background geological research and data to provide an indicative prognosis of the likely range of outcomes from boreholes drilled in the relevant bedrock formations, and following this with corroborative geological fieldwork during the site survey, while performing parallel unconventional remote-sensory survey work and corroborative site survey work using our proprietary Geodivining techniques to discover and measure details which can't be seen using conventional methods.

Our service goes substantially beyond the capability of the best conventional hydrogeological and geophysical methodology, to provide very precise drilling locations, with pre-drilling depth and yield measurements aimed at intersecting major water-bearing structures and achieving optimum productivity and economy in terms of yield per metre drilled.