Chlorine dioxide industry to gain immense traction in the water treatment application

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Chlorine dioxide suppliers are focusing on inorganic strategies like mergers, acquisitions, and novel product launches to specifically meet the increasing industrial requirement of in water treatment. For instance, Ecolab’s parented water management firm, Nalco Water, in December 2018, introduced an extension for its PURATE technology for chlorine dioxide (Cl02), a superior class biocide used in small to medium-sized industrial cooling water systems.

Asia Pacific could observe a CAGR of 5.5% for the chlorine dioxide industry up to 2026 with the expansion of the food & beverage, pharmaceutical as well as oil & gas sectors. This development has pushed the need for industrial water treatment in the region as chlorine dioxide limits the production of toxic chlorinated byproducts. It witnesses high demand across water management companies as it complies with the severe environmental norms that have been regulated for the discharge of treated wastewater.

To add further, the selective reactivity offered by chlorine dioxide makes it an ideal component for use in industrial water treatment operations over oxidizing agents like chlorine and ozone. Factors like inadequate wastewater treatment, ineffective recycling & reusability practices, and the deployment of obsolete process technology have also hiked the industrial water consumption in the region.

The expansion of the geriatric population in North America and their optimum spending capacities has led to an increase in healthcare costs. On this note, this regional market for chlorine dioxide is anticipated to register a growth rate of more than 4% in the coming years.