CleanSip - A Point of Consumption Water Treatment Bottle

Provision of access to safe drinking water is a goal that all countries strive towards. Despite the remarkable progress made there are still situations where alternative options are needed to treat the available water. Such situations include the lack of access to potable water when water supplies are interrupted, lapses in water treatment, when people live or work in remote areas, when there are natural disasters or even when camping. In all these situations there is a need to treat water to make it safe for human consumption.

CleanSip provides a solution that delivers safe potable water at the point-of-consumption. Its smart design allows it to treat water whilst simultaneously permitting the user to drink the first treated water, thereby providing constant access to potable water.

What is unique about CleanSip?
CleanSip, designed by University of Johannesburg researchers, offers a water bottle that acts as a vehicle for water treatment using a wide variety of treatment options. With most water treatment bottles, users get a water bottle that employs a specific treatment technology that needs to be replaced, which influences the price of the treated water and the bottle in the long run. CleanSip has been designed and developed for use with commercial coagulants, flocculants, and chlorine sachets such as WaterMaker™. The bottle can also be used with chemicals and materials found in and around the house or in the immediate environment. In worst case scenarios, where none of these chemicals or materials can be found, a simple filtration step can be performed with clothing material and the water boiled in the aluminium cup provided for consumption of the treated water.

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