Design the energy/water system in a future sustainable megacity

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In the coming decades around 3 more bilion people will live on the planet, compared to today's values. Most of these people will live in so called megacities, that will need to accomodate more than 20 Million people each.We don't often think about how to design these kind of cities - in a sustainable/functional way. But what about if we really cared about the future and wanted to contribute with our knowledge to really implement a sustainable megacity ?

I'm currently involved in an initial phase of a company whose aim is right these: gather professionals from different sectors and try to put all the knowledge together in order to be able to design and then possibly build a city which is sustainable for all these people that will get born in the coming decades.

Is anybody from the water sector up for the challenge ? If you are interested, please write me here. In the case I get some interest we could use and rely to this excellent platform (the water network)in order to make the most of this crowdsourcing solution. I can provide further details.The program is already getting high interestfrom EU institutions and a high possibility for funding for partners etc

Thanks and hope to get some feedback for this exciting challenge/opportunity