Desired air quality of Aeration Tank!!

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Recently, I came across with the problem of irregular air supply in aeration tank, as one of the blower is out of the service. To maintain the regular air supply, we connected the compressed air line to the aeration tank.
Considering reduced bio-mass, I feel that, compressed air is not giving satisfactory results comparative to the blowers, as it is compressed, stored, and filtered. For the justification of the predicted statement, I am unable to find any good literature.
Hence, is the use of "blower" or "Industrial Compressed Air System" will affect the parameters like pressure, temperature, oxygen content, etc. for the air used for the aeration system. Which ultimately affect the aeration system.
If not, then why there is always a separate blower for the aeration tank, irrespective of available Industrial Compressed Air System's air, which is easy to handle.