Divergent views on the recent Blue Nile Water related agreement

Published on by in Government

There are parties that considered the recent agreement as a success but there are Ethiopian experts who disclosed their concerns in its implication/interpretation.

Ethiopians know the costs/implications of bad agreements, which included the colonial era Nile agreements that did not engage Ethiopia. And it is hoped that the interpretation of the recent agreement is in line with Ethiopia's interest, which is giving unconditional recognition by all parties( Specifically Egypt) to Ethiopia's right to develop, use and administer River Abay( Blue Nile) water. Ethiopia is also expected to apply the principle of 'do no significant harm' to the lower watershed countries.

In addition, the detail of the upcoming agreements on Blue Nile should clearly mention the illegality of the 1929 and 1959 water agreements that gave Egypt and Sudan to use Ethiopia's water fully (100%).

March 23 agreement: http://www.zegabi.com/articles/9336

Experts view on the agreement: http://nazret.com/blog/index.php/2015/03/28/ethiopia-nile-dam-tripartite-agreement