Don't Look for the Culprits Causing the Plastic Pollution! We Are All Responsible; with Due Apologies.

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Dear All,

Thanks to you all at Choose Rain for using Bio-D bottles for your well treated potable harvested rainwater, distributed out there, through your lucky neighboring or happy customers beyond:"Choose Rain's Bio-D Bottles goes away by the time your newborn is in kindergarten."

Compare Two Journeys of the Raindrops; Then Judge on the Humans Negligence on the Water Management, in the Course of History!

As a result you at CHOOSERAIN.COM, might be exempted, to certain extent from the people covered by the captioned article.

This is vis-a'-vis the widespread of plastic bottles, worldwide everywhere on lands and inside the water resources; just as an example note the following:

Plastic waste at Coco Beach in India.
Also Wikipedia's article in this regards, is as follows:

Plastic pollution

On my part, I feel guilty when going for shopping in department stores, but have no other option though, and I am accumulating my sins (my spine is bending, little by little due to the plastic containers accumulation, made by myself,) in regards to plastic pollution. Furthermore, the most unforgivable sin in this regards, is selling sour / acidic foodstuff like vinegar, sour lemon juice, pickles, etc. in such plastic bottles.

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