Donor for Provision of Clean-Safe Water To 9182 in Africa

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Imass Innovation is a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which was registered on 24th September, in Ghana, to help provide clean safe drinking for rural communities in Ghana. 

Imass Innovation mission is:

The key strategic programme interventions implemented by Imass Innovation includes: Organizational capacity building; Environmental care and Food security; Education and Early Childhood Development; Water and Sanitation; Integrated Health; Economic empowerment; and other cross- cutting development issues involving: Gender mainstreaming; Group dynamics and team building; and Leadership and Good governance.  

Imass Innovation is committed and employs participatory approaches to helping communities from village level upwards. It encourages people in the target areas to form Community Development Groups (CDGs) and strengthen their own local development committees to ensure appreciable improvement in the lives of the people within the operational area.

Imass Innovation also works in collaboration with relevant government line ministries; Faith based organizations, local and international NGOs.