Eco-friendly packaging as a new concept to suppress plastic step by step ?

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You may have heard of Eben Bayer in 2010, a green designer who uses an organic adhesive, based on mycelium, to turn agriwaste into a foam-like material for packaging and insulation. Now, Ikea wants to use mushrooms as a new package instead of polystyrene: see the full article here


An example of Mushroom Packaging (©Ecovative)

An other example, is a new company called Algopack® in Britain that creates packaging from seaweed without petrol derivates in its composition, have a look at their website


Remy Lucas Algopack® creator, in Saint-Suliac collecting seeweed (©Algopack)

What do you think of these two innovations?
Do you have on your side some similar examples that you could share with the community?