EcoTec Process "Sewage Water to Drinking Water". A Sustainable Approach Approach!

EcoTec Process "Sewage Water to Drinking Water". A Sustainable Approach Approach!

A technology using‎ unique synthesis of 'Traditional Wisdom' & 'Modern Scientific Knowledge'.‎ EcoTec Process basically constitutes of two Herbicide Treatment Programme to treat Grey / Dark Water in STP's & Fresh / Raw Water Treatment Plants.‎


1) Herbal, Organic, Food Grade, Non Toxic Products‎ (cationic coagulant polymer enriched with water soluble extracts of Strychnos potatorum, Moringa oleifera and Neem oil for improving the clarity of water)
2) Sympathetic to the existing biological flora 
3) Herbal enrichment increases efficiency and reduces required doses of basic reagents used in coagulation process  Effective in precipitating anionic surfactants 
4) ‎Minimises sludge ‎& Improves sludge dewatering stages and results in improved effluent output 
5) Highly effective when used for the secondary decantation of biological sludge coming from aerobic and anaerobic digesters
6) Enhances rapid sludge settling 
7) Effective across a wide range of pH


1) With EcoTec Process the following Treatment / Equipment could be stopped completely:

I) Aeration Treatment
II) UF Process 
III) UV Process
IV) RO Treating

To summaries the above EcoTec process drastically reduce the Power Requirements to the various equipment required for treatment. 

3) The TIME required by EcoTec Process to treat the Sewage from the Inlet Point to the Outlet / Discharge  Point is maximum 5~7 Hrs. Hence more effluent could be treated with the same available infrastructure. Therefore increased Capacity Utilisation. 

4) Do away with Harmful Chemicals like Alum, PAC, Chlorine, many more..

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Rajesh Menon